Silicon Valley's Top Yoga Instructor offers Custom At-Home Skype Workouts to Melt Anxiety, Keep Calm & Stay Fit (in Weird Times)

    Mark Pura, Yoga Journal’s top-ranked yoga instructor & favorite yogi to Airbnb, Google, YouTube, Dropbox & Okta corporate — is thrilled to introduce:

    • Book your 30-Minute “Namastay-at-home” yoga session below (all you need is a device with access to Skype, Zoom or FaceTime)

    • Custom-tailored to any skill level, goals, even your “day off” energy levels — from child’s pose to handstands

    • Dozens of yogis rave they improve much faster (with less pain & confusion) than in a group class or a live-stream

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    Dear Yogi, 


    Weird times, aren’t they? 


    I just got off the phone with my parents, they’re in their 60’s — and never in their lives have they seen a global panic this widespread. 


    The craziest thing is we’re ALL a part of it. 


    And if you’re like me, you’re probably a bit scared. Maybe confused. About how to live — or, aside from donating a spare roll of toilet paper — how you can help. 


    The way I see it:


    Now, more than ever: our #1 goal is staying healthy (mentally and physically)


    That's why I've decided to open a few extra private coaching slots in my Skype calendar


    Sadly, we can’t control the pandemic. What we can control, is our actions.


    Actions can guide physical movement & mental resilience… or, they can sink us into the couch with worry… and keep us stress-eating in the pantry.

    I can only speak for myself, but I know my loved ones are relying on me to keep healthy & poised in tough times.


    Corny as this might sound, I also know I’m “the best me when I’m moving & sweating. Maybe you can relate. Or maybe you just need something, anything to:

    • Get your mind off the madness & restore some calm in your life...

    • Crush through the cabin fever...

    • Break a sweat & bump up your heart rate -- since the dang gyms & studios are closed!


    Right now, I’ve temporarily reduced the rate and opened up space on my calendar to accomodate a handful of motivated yogis via personal, at-home video workouts. 


    I’m not one of those “woo-woo” yoga coaches, so whatever your practice means to you… whether it’s pure sweat, or straight spirituality... that’s yours to own. 


    However, one action that’s helped me… and thousands of my students including top execs at Airbnb, Google & YouTube… as well as San Francisco’s top gyms and yoga studios…

  personalized movement.


    (I’ll explain why the ‘personal’ aspect is critical in a moment).

    Here’s what these personal 

    Skype lessons actually look like:

    Sandra used these yoga sessions to erase her ankle & knee pain so she could enjoy running like she used to!

    “Before, my ankle would click so much! And it’s not doing that… and my right knee kinda bothered me, and now I’m good. Yoga has definitely helped my running quite a bit, and it’s really helped my rowing. ”

    — Sandra Pyne (Dixmont, Maine)

    Watch how I helped Daniel find better overall stability by fixing his knee alignment to improve his hip & leg strength

    Hege loves the burst of motivation she gets from these weekly meetings

    After you book a slot that fits your schedule, here’s what will happen next… 

    • After selecting a suitable 30-minute time, you’ll enter your preferred Skype ID to do the video call (Or, I can also send you a Zoom video link.)

    • Then, you will receive an email with details containing the date & time of your scheduled session, plus instructions for how to properly set up your yoga space.

    • When the time arrives: all you need to do is accept my call, be ready on your yoga mat, and open to my instructions.

    I’ve taught yoga to thousands of students from Norway to North Dakota… they virtually ALL agree this 1 thing makes my approach superior to the rest

    You can’t get this in yoga studios (which aren’t even open anyway)...


    You can’t get it in mass live-streams all the yoga influencers are doing on Instagram. 


    And you can’t get it browsing YouTube (not even on my personal channel). 


    Now, you’ve probably guessed it by now — what I’m talking about is personalized cues

    Zara explains the power of personal ‘cueing’ & why you can ONLY get it from 1-on-1 attention

    So, what happens inside these 30-min sessions?

    • Warm-Up Assessment

      I’ll run you through a quick 5-minute body assessment to gauge flexibility, mobility & awareness

    • Custom-Tailored Practice

      From there, I’ll work you through an efficient workout designed to maximize time & results specific to you (no 2 sessions are exactly alike)

    • Focused Spontaneity

      Depending on your energy that day, the feedback you’re giving me, and how you respond to cues — we will flow together through fun movement patterns, guided by specific alignment principles.

    And if you’re wondering who I am…

    Allow me a brief introduction:

    Hi, I’m Mark Pura, 15-year yoga teacher, 

    movement specialist & peak performance coach...

    My love for yoga is rooted in a 15-year obsession with both the craft and the teaching practice. Influenced by gymnastics, circus arts, competitive sports, rock climbing, capoeira, parkour, and numerous styles of dance — my students love the harmonious blend of different movement styles they get when they work with me.


    This rare mix of movement mastery is why Silicon Valley’s top companies hire me to keep their top talent fit & healthy, why Yoga Journal named me winner of their Talent Search contest, and why I’ve been able to work with Lululemon, MyFitnessPal, Equinox, Athleta, Yoga Journal magazine, and 

    Since this Skype yoga setup is new to many people

    Let me answer a few common questions

    What if I’m a beginner, is this going to be too advanced?

    My camera isn’t very good, is that ok?

    Can I have my family member on the call too?

    What if I don’t have a yoga mat?

    I’d be thrilled to hear from you, but if you want to hear from a few more yogis about what it’s like to work with me, here’s what they say:

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